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1 min read

Modern PPM Solutions built on a microsoft power platform


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Power PPM

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Power PPM and JIRA integration

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Team planner

2 minute sneak peek video

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1 min read

Ultimate Matrix AKA Project Dashboards

In this Webcast we will cover the basics for Program Management Concept of Managing complex multi-level...

1 min read

Showing PMO Love Through Monitoring and Automation

PMOs spend a lot of time planning and developing governance to build a smooth running PMO. Extensive documentation...

1 min read

Ways the PMO can use custom reporting to gain PPM insight

PPM stakeholders need visibility to key project, portfolio, and resource information. Custom reports can provide the...

1 min read

Organizational effectiveness for Agile within a PMO

Organizational effectiveness is defined as the efficiency with which an organization is able to meet its...

1 min read

A Day in the Life of a PMO with Project OnlinE

Experience a day in the life of a business that's leveraging the latest cloud software and devices for Project and...

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